The IsITethical? Exchange supports responsible ICT research and innovation and digital ethics in disaster risk management. It provides:

  • an overview of ethical, legal, and social issues arising in the context of ICT innovation in disaster risk management
  • guidance on balancing technological potential with fundamental rights and values
  • summaries of relevant aspects of regulatory frameworks, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • inspiration for design and organisational change that places human rights, values, and practices at the centre of innovation, and links to relevant resources
  • creative novel methods for iterative ethical impact and privacy impact assessment.

It is based on

  • many years of interdisciplinary research on interoperability and collaborative information management
  • extensive collaboration with practitioners in public protection and disaster risk, and ICT developers
  • foundational work in shaping best practice in ethical and privacy impact assessment
  • long-standing experience in interdisciplinary collaborative design projects

The isITethical? Exchange combines an online community portal with a table-top exercise in the form of a board game, and a set of services for high-quality responsible research and innovation, and continued professional development.

The isITethical? Table-top game.


The isITethical?Exchange is an initiative led by a group of scholars from Lancaster University in collaboration with the Public Safety Communications Europe Network.

We are proud to say that the IsITethical?Exchange has grown through our collaborations with PSCE and a range of other major partners, including EU projects SecInCore http://www.secincore.eu/, EPISECC https://www.episecc.eu/; SECTOR https://www.sector-project.eu/; Redirnet https://www.cetic.be/REDIRNET-2068;  COncORDE http://www.concorde-project.eu/; Bridge http://www.bridgeproject.eu/en .

We are building a community of practitioners, researchers, commercial developers and policy-makers in the field of Disasters and Risk Management (DRM). We  inviting you to join this community.


This initiative is currently funded with £75,000 by the UK Higher Education Innovation Fund. Please see here for more information: http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/cemore/isitethical-residencies/ We are a community of resarchers, practitioners, and developers collaborating as a network.